contemporary artist
Volker Hermes, born in 1972, draws and paints powerfully and directly, with perseverance and a lot of humour. His pictures and drawings are always integrated into comprehensive projects, within which Hermes gets to the core of his subject in an almost scientific way. These projects include a multi-year preoccupation with the subject of portraiture and, more recently, with the subject of historical battle painting and seascapes.
His works are always an expression of an intensive engagement with art. Thus his portraits do not serve the honor of their protagonists and the sea battles do not serve the glory of old seafaring. Hermes' paintings bring fame and glory to art itself. His figures exercise the possibilities of painterly representation with impressive virtuosity. And there are no limits to these. Hermes combines linear conception with painterly gestures and watercolor-like painting with hard Edding drawing and shows himself to be a master in both fields.
For him, painterly solutions must be derived from a fundamental (artistic) principle with an inner logic. "If the viewer feels this even subconsciously, that's enough for me. You don't have to know everything, but you can feel a lot.” Despite all the analysis, Hermes' paintings should above all be enjoyed.
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Volker Hermes outside his studio in Düsseldorf, Germany | photo: Franz Schuier